Texoma Chevy Dealers Scholarship Program

Texoma Chevy Dealers awards $1,000 scholarships to students based on academic excellence and community involvement for higher education expenses, demonstrating our dedication to supporting education and the community.

Texoma Excellence in
Fine Arts

Texoma Chevy Dealers offer monthly scholarships to recognize local students excelling in fine arts, funding their education and promoting creative expression in the community. We inspire young people to pursue artistic passion.

A+ Athlete

The A+ Athlete program celebrates outstanding high school seniors for academics, sports, and community involvement. Winners get $1,000 scholarships from Texoma Chevy Dealers and media recognition. At year-end, two athletes earn $1,000 each from Texoma Chevy Dealers and KXII News 12 as A+ Athletes of the Year.

Texoma's Golden Apple

The Golden Apple Award recognizes outstanding Texoma educators who inspire students with their innovative teaching, dedication, and impact in their community. KTEN celebrates these teachers who make a positive difference in their students' lives and promote excellence.

Texoma Chevy Dealers are grateful for the local community's support and feel a duty to give back. We proudly support students, teachers, and faculty through programs such as the Scholarship Program, Texoma Excellence in Fine Arts, KXII's A+ Athlete, and KTEN's Golden Apple Award. These initiatives recognize those for their achievements and encourage them to be role models. Texoma Chevy Dealers believe that investing in our community is investing in the future and we are happy to help them achieve their goals. Thank you, Texoma, for your support and for allowing us to have a positive impact.