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What fine arts discipline is the student pursuing? (e.g., drama, music, photography, graphic design, dance, visual arts)

How long has the student been actively involved in this fine arts discipline?

Please list any awards or recognitions the student has received for their fine arts achievements. Include the name of the award, date received, and a brief description if applicable.

Why do you believe this student deserves the Texoma Excellence in Fine Arts Scholarship? (Please provide specific examples and details of the student's dedication, talent, and contributions to their chosen fine art discipline.)

Describe how the student's involvement in fine arts has positively impacted the school and/or the local community.

What are the student's future educational and career goals related to their fine arts discipline?

As the nominator, please provide your recommendation for why this student should be awarded the scholarship.

Is there any additional information or context you would like to provide about the student's qualifications for this scholarship?

Upload any supporting documents, such as recommendation letters, student portfolios, or examples of the student's work. Maximum file size: 32MB. Supported file types: .jpg, .png, .pdf, .docx, .m4a, .mp3, .aac, .ac3, .wav

Please review your form entries before submitting.

Do you know a deserving student who shows exceptional talent and is pursuing studies in fine arts disciplines, including but not limited to drama, music, photography, graphic design, dance, and visual arts (drawing, painting, and sculpture)? If so, please nominate him/her for the 2023/2024 “Texoma Excellence in Fine Arts” scholarship. Nominations will be reviewed, and winners will be selected by the Fine Arts Professionals Committee, comprised of community members active and/or knowledgeable in education and the Arts. All selections are final. Each winning student will be awarded a $1,000.00 scholarship that can be used for education expenses at a college or trade school and receive a recognition presentation by your local Texoma Chevy Dealer at a school event during the school year. Each winner will be interviewed for a special online segment announcing them as the Texoma Excellence in Fine Arts winner. A limited number of students will be chosen, so send in your nomination forms early.

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