Texoma Excellence in Fine Arts Scholarship Rules


  1. The Texoma Excellence in Fine Arts Scholarship is open to graduating high school seniors from the Sherman/Ada Designated Market Area (DMA) where the Texoma Chevy Dealerships are located.
  2. Nominees must attend and be graduating seniors in the school year 2023/2024 from a high school within the following areas served by the Texoma Chevy Dealerships: Classic Chevrolet Denison, Holiday Chevrolet, Patriot Chevrolet, Seth Wadley Chevrolet Buick of Ada, Sherman Chevrolet, Paris Chevrolet, Stuteville Chevrolet, or Tishomingo Chevrolet, Inc.
  3. Students must be pursuing studies in fine arts disciplines, including but not limited to drama, music, photography, graphic design, dance, and visual arts such as drawing, painting, and sculpture.
  4. Nominees must have a minimum GPA of 2.5 out of 4.0.



  1. Nominations will begin in September 2023 and conclude in April 2024.
  2. Nominations can be submitted online through the official scholarship website at https://texomachevydealersscholarships.com or by mailing a completed nomination form to: The Texoma Chevy Dealers, c/o Billow Marketing, 307 W. FM 120, Pottsboro, TX 75076.
  3. Each nominator may nominate multiple students, but the same student can only be nominated once.
  4. All information provided in nomination forms will be subject to verification. False or fraudulent entries will result in disqualification.
  5. Nominations can only be submitted by teachers or administrators from the high school the student attends.


Selection and Verification:

  1. The Fine Arts Professionals Committee, composed of community members active and/or knowledgeable in education and the Arts, will review eligible nomination forms received within the Nominations Period.
  2. Up to two fine arts students will be selected each month from September 2023 through April 2024. There will be a total of 16 students selected, 2 from each dealership’s trade area as outlined above.
  3. The nominee’s school principal will be contacted to verify eligibility and qualifications. The principal must agree to allow the Texoma Chevy Dealers to record the award presentation at the school.


Recognition and Award:

  1. Each Texoma Excellence in Fine Arts winner will receive an award presentation hosted by their local Texoma Chevrolet Dealer.
  2. A $1,000 scholarship check will be sent directly to the college or trade school the student plans to attend after high school graduation.
  3. Winners will be notified via telephone or email.
  4. Texoma Excellence in Fine Arts winners will be featured on https://texomachevydealersscholarships.com and the Texoma Chevy Dealers’ social media platforms.



  1. The decision of the Fine Arts Professionals Committee is final and binding.
  2. All entries become the property of the Texoma Chevy Dealers and will not be returned.
  3. Incomplete or false entries may result in disqualification.
  4. The scholarships are intended for students who demonstrate creativity and have spent time developing their artistic talents during high school.
  5. The Texoma Excellence in Fine Arts scholarships cover various fine arts disciplines, including but not limited to drama, music, photography, graphic design, dance, and visual arts.


By participating in the Texoma Excellence in Fine Arts Scholarship, all nominators and nominees agree to abide by these rules and the decisions of the Texoma Chevy Dealers and the Fine Arts Professionals Committee.

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